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Children's Book Illustrations for Sale

“What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood?” — Beatrix Potter

Original Children's book Illustrations for Sale

Jolie Galerie is widely recognized for our selection of original children’s book illustrations. Jolie Galerie is a gallery devoted to the art of book illustration. We represent world renowned illustrators such as Philip Bunting, Isabelle Chatellard, Gus Gordon, Judith Gueyfier or Géraldine Alibeu to name a few.

Jolie Galerie was born in Sydney and is steadily growing with Jeanne’s love and devotion to the art of original illustration. Jeanne previously created La Galerie Jeanne Robillard: a renowned French illustration gallery dedicated to children’s book illustrations. She managed it for 10 years, during which she devoted herself to the promotion and distribution of artwork from children's books, creating over 30 on-site exhibitions and more than 50 travelling exhibitions of children's book illustrations for cultural institutions such as libraries, schools, and book fairs, in addition to organizing on-site and online sales of artwork

Jolie Galerie’s first wish wasn’t that of a commercial venture. In 2018, in Sydney, Jeanne created Jolie Galerie to promote and share Australian and French children's book illustrations through: exhibitions, workshops, conferences and workshops (French Alliance in Canberra and Sydney).

As of 2020, Jolie Galerie is now based in Champagne in France and continues to be an illustration gallery which promotes the art of illustration with original children’s book illustrations to sale. The gallery has recently extended its passion for illustration to a new project: the creation of illustrated wallpapers based on original illustrated artwork and the realization of frescoes or painted murals at home.

Jolie Galerie aims to blur the lines between childhood and adulthood, between illustration and interior design, between walls and art. 

Every day young and future illustrators ask us a thousand questions about this passion of doing book illustrations:

Is writing a children's book profitable? How do I start an illustrating children's book? Do illustrators get royalties? How do you price a children's book? How much will a publisher pay for a children's book? Who are the best children's book publishers? Can you self publish a children's book? Do illustrators use Photoshop or Illustrator? What price do I have to pay for children's book illustration to sale?

We don't always have the answer, so we would like to recommend a must-read book on the subject Devenir illustrateur jeunesse - Christine Dodos-Ungerer - Publisher - Eyrolles (2016)

The one thing that we are sure of, is that this job is a job of passion. An excellent start to any work day!

Get inspired on our website with original artwork and some prints by children's books illustrators for sale. A large selection is available from our e-shop. Enjoy your visit !


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