In 2004, in Paris, I created La Galerie Jeanne Robillard: the renowned French gallery dedicated to children’s book illustrations.

I quit the Gallery after 10 years, during which, I devoted myself to the promotion and distribution of artwork from children’s books, creating more than 50 travelling exhibitions of children’s book illustrations for cultural institutions, such as libraries, schools, and book fairs, and over 30 on-site exhibitions, and on site and online sales of artwork. 

Today, I am proud to make the promotion of children's book illustrations with the Jolie Galerie in Sydney.

A big thank you to :

Karl Marc (

Matthieu Robillard (

Pauline Beekandt (

Nicola, Mélanie, Lisette et Bernard, Claire et Antoine, Patrick, Katie, Sandrine, Adeline and Lyn.

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