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Children's Book Illustrators

Illustration is a decoration, an interpretation or a visual explanation of a text, a concept, a work for published media, posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games or films. 

Contemporary illustration uses a wide range of styles and techniques : drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, montage, digital design, multimedia, 3D modeling. Illustration may be expressive, stylized, realistic or highly technical. 

In the art world, illustration has often been considered of less importance than fine art. 

Today, with the growth of graphic novel or video games industries and with illustration in magazines and other publications, the work of a children's book illustrator is now becoming a valued art form, capable of engaging a global market. 

Kid's Lit Art

Jolie Galerie is proud to promote and highlight part of this profession: illustrator of children's books.

Jolie Galerie loves books, illustrations, books without illustrations, words, illustrations without text. She loves to share her passion and talk about artists she knows, their technique, and their lives which are devoted to art. Jolie Galerie is very fortunate to create many fond memories with her work.

A children’s book illustrator is a career path of passion, they are impatient to start a day of work.

The life of an illustration, step by step, could be :

  • a publisher decides to publish a book about poetry for example.

  • the publishers and the author work together to prepare the text

  • they choose an artist to illustrate the text when it is ready

  • the illustrator starts to draw and to think about these poems and he show some example to the editor

  • he doesn’t forget to prepare illustrations with keeping space for the text 

And then, all the illustrations are scanned and the book is then manufactured, ready to be sold in bookstores.

  • The illustrator has a contract with the publisher and get money on each book sold 

  • The illustrator gets his work back and with the gallery they make a selection for a future exhibition, they decide the price of each drawing. 

  • The gallery and the artist are a contract together and they share money from each sale.


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