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Hand Painted Wall Murals



Decorate Your Walls  !

Your walls are canvases for stories, let's illustrate them!

La Jolie Galerie offers you a collection of illustrated wallpapers and organizes the creation of hand painted wall murals.

How does it work?

1 / Get inspired by the photos in our collections


2 / Choose 1 or 2 inspiration pictures,

3 / Contact us, we organize your project from A to Z ! / +33 (0)6 16 11 89 20


Discover the benefits of decoration here,

and the possibility of tax deduction here.


by Jolie Galerie's custom-made, hand painted murals, frescoes and wallpapers


Pleasant matt feel and washable

Materials that respect

health and environmental standards



Standard (300x70cm) from 150€

Panoramic decor from 450€


Our collection : here




We define together the format, colors and designs

of your future fresco (using sketches).


We organize the artist's venue

The material and travel costs included 

The quote depends on the size of the fresco: from 800€

Our collection : here

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