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Office design well being

A Beautiful Space to Work Better!

Today, the workplace or office is a place where you should feel good. After all, we spend a large part of our days there!


Just as we like to welcome our guests to our home, we like to receive our collaborators and our external speakers in a pleasant space.

Beautifying a workplace has several objectives: differentiating itself, attracting new partners and retaining its teams!

  • Seduction tool

Decoration becomes a major asset, it is the brand of the company, it becomes the culture of the company and creates a feeling of belonging and pride on the part of employees. It therefore helps to retain talents and attract new ones.

For 40% of employees, the layout of the workplace was crucial when they applied !

  • Performance agitator

According to Actinéo 9 out of 10 employees say they are more productive and creative

when their offices are well-appointed and we know that an employee's performance is

linked to well being at work: a happy employee is 12% more productive than other

employees! (Bloomin)

  • Between well being and creativity

Feeling good begins with a decor that we like. Colors inevitably have an influence on

the work of our brain! Some prefer red to boost their productivity, others will favor

yellow for their concentration. As for cold colors, we can prefer blue and green for a

moment of relaxation… 

Decorating a workspace is therefore not just a matter of choosing the carpet or the colors of the walls. It is a real strategic lever that will help improve the quality of working life for the whole company and therefore its performance.

So, do not underestimate the decoration of your workplace anymore!


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