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Kid's Room Wallpaper

Wallpaper in the nursery

Wallpaper makes it possible to correct an imperfection on a wall and to decorate it. It also makes it possible to structure a space, to play with the limits of a room, to refresh the atmosphere by adding light, for example. But above all it decorates!

Children always draw inspiration from their environment to create in turn. With the wallpaper in the nursery, they can then choose their decor and opt for natural, magical, fantastic, real or technological elements! They learn to follow the contours of a large illustration, or smaller designs, they learn to do nothing but escape. Girls or boys, they play, they venture out and take advantage of their space, of their own horizon to let their minds wander.

For a baby's room, we want a warm atmosphere, with rather light colors, if not primary with a natural and animal decor! An opportunity to tell a story using the wall and the animals that dot it.

As soon as a child's imagination is there, wallpaper is a great ally! Let's opt for tapestries where the patterns play together! You will have to change the tapestries sometimes according to the desires and the development of your children. A good idea to share a moment among our collection and to project yourself as a family on the walls of your home.


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